"We have recommended that Chris perform in our other facilities and we highly recommend his show to be shared in other recovery functions, including the National Narcotics Anonymous Convention."
- Leena Lindsy Stern - Senior Counselor - Phoenix House - Venice California

"Chris normally headlines the shows. His material, which is based on his own family's issues with addiction, is not only extremely funny, but is smart, very poignant and very relatable to anyone in recovery."
- Ric Zepalla - Assistant to the Director of client services - Cri Help Recovery Center - North Hollywood, California

"Your presentations have not only made them laugh and lifted their spirits but also contain messages of recovery and hope to assist in their rehabilitation."
- Charlene Scott - Program Coordinator Castle East Recovery House - Los Angeles, California

"He continues to demonstrate a strong example of a healthy, productive and fun lifestyle and we are excited and thrilled about his participation here at Gerry House! We strongly recommend him as we are grateful for his dedication to our clients."
- Patrick D. Singer - BS, CAS-II, CRPM Director Residential Treatment - Gerry House Santa Ana California

"Mr. Porter’s act is engaging, intelligent, in good taste and our clients were very appreciative of his performance. We believe in Mr. Porter and recommend his act for any function. His act is professional and very funny."
- Clifford Barlow - Manager Rena B. Recovery Center - Los Angeles, California

"The shows Mr. Porter brings have been well received by our residents over the years. He has brought talent that is both professional and relevant to our population."
- Luis Lazano - Executive Director - Beacon House - San Pedro, California

"Mr. Porter and his troupe have provided supportive services (entertainment) to our program for close to ten years. We all look forward to Mr. Porter's visits to our facility with great anticipation."
- Eddie Meader - Programs Coordinator - Castle West Recovery House

"The girls were thrilled! Experiences like this are something that these families seldom or never get an opportunity to experience, and we greatly appreciate your considering us worthy of your time."
- Susan Lathers - Director Foley House - Whittier, California

"I would highly recommend Chris for any comedy venue."
- Vince Scribner - Operations Supervisor - Tarzana Treatment Center - Lancaster

"Chris has provided a level of professionalism in relation to how he presents a show with promptness, usage of equipment, and most importantly interactions with the audience. I would recommend him for any of his future endeavors."
- Joe Phillips - Certified Recreational Therapist - Tarzana Treatment Center - Tarzana, California

"He has been consistent in his efforts to put a smile on our women's faces for over a decade now."
– Myrra Allo - Programs Coordinator - House of Hope Recovery House - San Pedro, California

"I cannot recommend Chris any more than I do. He is a true professional, and a friend to all in recovery."
- Arthur Romo - Marketing Director - Substance Abuse Foundation Long Beach

Letters of Appreciation